My husband and I just recently celebrated our one year anniversary.

Both of us have to do so much planning and organization with our jobs, so we try not to plan every detail of our personal lives.

We decided not to plan our first anniversary and to fly by the seat of our pants. This might have been the best idea we have ever had.

We woke up Saturday morning and decided to go into the city.

We found ourselves in one of the many arts districts in our city. We viewed some art and then ate at a quirky little cafe on the strip.

Of course I had tea…

We also had a pretzel and some cake, healthy meal huh?

We then went to the Myriad Gardens and walked around and exchanged our gifts…

Then we had drinks at a hotel a few blocks away. After drinks, it was time to have dinner.

Parker was able to sweet talk his way into a last minute reservation at the Museum Cafe.

Of course, we had not planned for this, but luckily we did bring dress clothes just in case. We had to change in our car outside the restaurant. Hopefully, nobody got a show…

To end the night, we went to watch Shakespeare’s Othello on the waterstage in the Myriad Gardens. It was PERFECT. We could not have planned a more romantic setting.

We could see the cityscape to our left and there was a bridge made completely of glass that was lit up with ever-changing colored lights. The stage was surrounded by water, and the temperature was cool enough for a sweater. It was perfect.

It was the perfect night. I am so glad we did not plan it, and I look forward to the next unplanned adventure.

is one of my favorite graphic artists to go to when I want to see examples of good design.

He is capable of many different styles and is flexible in his creativity.

I love watching for his latest designs and coveting his mad skills.

Cover for the new brazilian edition of Journey to the Center of the Earth
Cover design + illustration + typography (using Pheaton by Kevin Cornell & Randy Jones)
publisher: Fabrício Waltrick / Ed. Ática

See more from

Had dinner in town at a friends house last night. It was a beautiful, cool summer night. The perfect night to sit out on the front porch with good people and good food.

I love these sitting hammocks. So comfy!

Of course, I had to spend time with my little friend Thor…

He got sleepy from all the playing we did together.

Sweet little dino dog.

I LOVE illustrations. They can inspire me to draw, paint, photograph and read.

My favorite thing about illustrations are the stories behind them. I like to think about what the illustrator was wanting to portray in the illustration.

This print is sold in the Etsy Shop .

I love the colors and the silliness of this illustration. It is impossible for me to frown while looking at this hippo.

This print is sold in the Etsy Shop .

The colors in this one really caught my eye. I love them with the contrast of the dark.

This print is sold in the Etsy Shop

I picked this one because I love giraffes and this is really stinking cute.

This print is sold in the Etsy Shop

This is a gorgeous illustration. I adore the vintage touch.

This print is sold in the Etsy Shop

This style of illustration is one of my favorites. I love the rougher lines and the vagueness of location. The two colors are so good together and of course romance in the rain is always a show stopper.

So much talent in this world! Thank goodness for Etsy, it gives all these talented people an outlet for their creativity and all of us viewers a place to find it.

Last night was gorgeous! It actually got chilly outside. We did a little bit of everything.

Laser tag, pizza, a 3D roller-coaster, live music downtown, patio wine and cheesecake with a side of people watching.

I thank God that I have such a wonderful husband and amazing friends to share my life with. What a beautiful night!

I often wish I lived in a more thrilling city where there is something to do at every minute of every day. When I find myself in wishful thinking, I make myself take a moment to look around.

I begin to see the things I am surrounded with that I would not find in those places.

There are ups and downs to living rurally and living in a large city, and these are my ups. I get to see nature at it’s best every day, even during something as mundane as driving to work every morning.

This bird nest blew into my backyard with a storm. It is amazing how well constructed these little things are. These are the moments I am thankful that I am exactly where I am.

I have to admit, I do love driving into the city to shop and explore. That is why I love living near a city, but not in one. I get to have my cake and eat it too!

A while back my mother won a gift card to Pinot’s Palette from the radio. She asked me if I would go redeem the gift certificate with her.

Pinot’s Palette is a one time painting class equipped with a cash bar for beverages of your choice and free snacks. <–My favorite part of the deal.

You are given a canvas and the paints you will need to complete the painting.

Prior to the class, you pick the painting you would like to recreate yourself. They have a calendar of options to choose from.

We picked this painting.

Yes, I painted this.. I know, your thinking how did she do it? It is so amazing.

Ok enough of that, it really is not to bad, but the instructor’s painting looked much better.

We had such a great time. We really enjoyed spending time together and doing something different for a change. At the end of the class we proudly loaded up our paintings and patted ourselves on the back.

Mine is now hanging in my office. It is a reminder of my fun night out with my mom.

I would recommend the class to others, it was such a good time and the instructors were fun and encouraged everyone to be silly.

Additional reading at this link

Check out their and see if there is one near you!